Phase specialise in both bespoke applications and leading software brands to deliver a complete solution for your business. These include Parts, Accounting, Customer Retention Management and Personnel Packages along with the full range of Microsoft products.

We can take you thorough the process of installing, configuring and supporting all our featured software to ensure your business runs smoothly.

The featured software and IT Services available from Phase combine to offer a powerful range of business tools.

Acheiver CRM

Achiever CRM is an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with rich functionality that is complemented by a robust, scalable and customisable database that provides comprehensive links to email, eBusiness and ERP systems. The Achiever CRM solution is an enterprise-wide solution that encompasses Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support.

Interactive Software’s award winning Achiever solution is known for its flexibility, reliability and quick deployment, resulting in higher returns on investment, low total cost of ownership and high customer satisfaction. Achiever has been designed to be customised to suit all business environments, having seamless integration to all business applications to provide a ‘single point of entry’.

Key product functionality includes activity management; sales tracking/forecasting; customer contact history; marketing campaign management; opportunity management; project management; account management; email integration; mail merge capability, office integration and multi-lingual versions available.

Achiever eServer is an e-Business solution that automates the time-intensive management of documents and customer response, making it simpler for customers to do business with you. It extends your products and services across the Internet, providing a more efficient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With the advent of e-Business technologies, you can achieve a closer relationship with your customers and prospects, improving the likelihood of winning their business, increasing sales revenues, reducing administration time and adding value to your business.

Achiever eServer gives you an inexpensive e-Business solution that delivers financial benefits from day one. Operational within days, it integrates seamlessly with your existing e-mail and Internet connections either with or without a web server, leased line, proxy server, firewall, and ‘state-of-the-art’ IT system.


GoldMine provides the tools businesses need to gather, store and analyse customer information in order to win – and more importantly – retain customers. Designed for the workgroup, GoldMine collects and centralizes all information flowing through an organization, the result is an internal organizational structure that has every employee working at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

With GoldMine’s unique solution to managing prospect and client information, teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time realizing results. GoldMine bridges the gap between complex, expensive Sales Force Automation software and lower-end Contact Managers to give you high-end results at an affordable price.

Today’s Competitive arena demands that businesses look for best practices not only in identifying new opportunities, but more importantly, in retaining existing business and providing the best possible service to customers.

GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 combines GoldMine Sales and Marketing, Goldmine Service and Support and Management Intelligence to deliver the only easy of use and affordable Customer Relationship Management solution.

The power of GoldMine Front Office 2000 is available in a browser based, dynamic HTML enviroment via GoldmMine Web. All the benifits of GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 are shared in GoldMine Web, but with GoldMine Web, more intimate customer interactons further enable sales, marketing and support teams to build better and stronger customer loyalty.


As a business expands it is crucial to have flexible software for managing the increased accounting demands. Sage Line 100 is extremely versatile; it comprises of a series of powerful modules that can be configured to suit your particular business requirements.

The Sage Line 100 modules offer a total management solution, which incorporates multi-user, multi-company, and multi-currency capabilities.

Its advanced functionality also includes factored pricing, flexible pricing per customer, analysis by department and cost centre, unlimited transaction history, order consolidation and much more.

Sage is recommended by 85% of chartered accountants, so it’s no surprise that Sage Line 50 is the UK’s best-selling accounting software. With four accounting solutions to choose from – Accountant, Accountant Plus, Financial Controller and Financial Controller Network – Sage Line 50 will make a dramatic difference to your business. Aimed at companies with up to 50 employees and with a turnover of up to £2 million, it simplifies complex accounting tasks, eliminates repetitive routines and speeds up procedures. Sage Line 50 can help transform your entire accounting operation.


A PC based, Network ready application, IN-file can be used for standalone solutions or as an approach to automating your office processes which currently rely on paper.

Taking a simple operation like filing and keeping it simple is the greatest advantage IN-file can offer. Every step in the process of filing and retrieval is logically applied and the system presents the user with button options to allow quick access to the base functions required of electronic filing. Just click and Go… Supervisory functions are just as easy to use but are kept from the main working environment, this not only speeds up use but adds an extra level of security.

The advanced Mail facility brings your Network alive, allowing accurate and rapid exchange of documents. The Mail Tracker automatically forwards Mail and returns a log of events to the sender.


Whether you are a full-time HR professional or you oversee employee record keeping as part of an already busy workload then Personnel Manager is the tool for you. Following on from the success of Visual Personnel, which, since its launch in June 1997, has gone on to become the UK’s best selling HR system, Personnel Manager is the next generation HR software solution from Vizual Business Tools.

Whether you have 40 or 2000 employees the unique combination of ease of use, powerful functionality and exceptional value for money makes Personnel Manager the best solution for your business.

Welcome to Vizual Personnel Director, the latest in enterprise-wide HR computing. Personnel Director utilises the latest client-server technology creating a powerful, flexible and user-friendly solution enabling you to manage your employee administration effectively. Whether you are considering upgrading from Personnel Manager or using a Vizual product for the first time, Personnel Director is the best solution for your business.


Microsoft has always been driven by a sense of mission and a sense of vision. Over the last 18 years, we have seen the business and social climate in which we operate change. No period of change has been more rapid than in the last few years, where we have seen our customers become extremely receptive and enthusiastic about the benefits offered by technology.

Microsoft’s vision is to “empower people through great software anytime, anywhere, and on any device”. Through this vision, they believe they can help our customers become a leader in the world’s digital economy. This encompasses the way we work – unless the software makes businesses more competitive, Microsoft aren’t keeping their promises.

At Phase we can help you produce a better-educated workforce, using Microsoft’s many and varied products from network operating systems like windows 2000, server based application to Office and home applications.

Phase specialise in the supply and installation of Microsoft BackOffice Products, Exchange Server and Small Business Server as well as FrontOffice Products into a Microsoft or multi vender based networks.


Citrix is the world leader in application server software and services that provide “Digital Independence ™ ”—the ability to deliver any application to any device over any connection—wireless to Web.

Rapid delivery of business-critical applications, across the extended enterprise — on the Web and other network — requires a robust, centralized application delivery and management capability. It must be scalable, reliable, manageable and secure. And it must offer predictability in terms of performance, user experience and cost.

Citrix MetaFrame uses Citrix ICA, an industry standard that enables client devices of all types to shift application processing to the server with very low bandwidth requirements. This extends the reach of Windows 2000 Servers. PCs, Mac computers, UNIX and Linux workstations, Web browser-enabled devices, laptops, set top boxes, mobile handheld devices and other network appliances can be used transparently to access any application running on Windows 2000 Servers. All applications can be accessed, seamlessly, over the Internet, LAN, WAN, dial-up or wireless connection. And all applications look, feel and perform as if they are running on a local desktop.

Even a wireless Windows CE device can access the most advanced business-critical applications from anywhere!

Citrix WinFrame was the earlier version of MetaFrame which runs on Windows NT Server 3.51, to enable you to take advantage of this thin-client technology on your legacy operating system, so upgrading to Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server is not essential.


Novell, Inc. is a leading provider of Net services software that secures and powers all types of networks-intranets, the Internet and extranets.

Trusted by more than 80 million users in some of the world’s largest enterprises, NetWare is one of the most reliable network operating system available, and is a key step in building e-business infrastructure.

NetWare contains an array of services that you can use to easily develop, deploy, and manage Web applications, provide flexible administration options, leverage your existing technologies, and secure your network from intrusion. While these new services primarily address the need to move business to the Web, NetWare continues to offer strategic business functions that allow your employees to easily share files, data, and printers.

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