Network Solutions

Shared information and resource is crucial a factor in todays business world. At Phase we can supply all the necessary products and services from design through to implementation of a network solution suitable for any business environment. Simply Removals

Phase network solutions can include multi-user, multi-site and multi-layered designs, specifically structured to give customers the optimum business benefit.

By offering a total network solution including the infrastructure, hardware, operating system, ongoing support and maintenance, Phase ensure that their customers benefit from a single provider. Business partnerships are built on trust and by offering a comprehensive set of solutions we can ensure that our clients only have to refer to a single party for their network solution.


We provide tailored solutions for local and wide area networks.

Phase have designed and installed solutions from five user systems to multi-site/multi-user environments.

Our experience in wide area networks includes the design, implementation and maintenance of links across Europe.

We have installed and configured many network security solutions including firewalls and VPN’s for our customers with a global presence.

All our solutions utilise leading edge technology from major manufactures such as 3Com and Cisco.


In an age of merged technology, Phase offer cabling solutions for voice and data utilising CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and Fibre. Also included in these solutions are hubs, switches, bridges and routers necessary to give optimum performance across your network.

Our installations have included in excess of a thousand points and Gigabit ethernet solutions.

We only use industry leading products from manufacturers such as Krone and Alcatel. All our installations are 100% tested.

Operating Systems

Depending on the needs of your business, Phase can install, configure and support virtually every major operating system.

These include Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Unix, Open VMS and Novell.

We can also integrate networks utilising different operating systems in single and multi-site environments.


Phase install and maintain the industry leading network telephone system from Network Alchemy – ArgentOffice. Not only will this system offer full computer telephony integration (CTI) but can also support voice-over-ip for multi-site environments.

ArgentOffice seamlessly integrates your computer and telephone system to offer a host of benefits including screen popping, call routing, voicemail, auto-attendant and voice interactive.

In an age where customer service is paramount, ArgentOffice can give your organisation the edge by linking to a number of customer relationship packages such as GoldMine.


Because of the great demand for broadband connections since the internet boom in the 1990’s, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) has been developed to offer an high bandwidth, low cost solution to connect businesses to the internet. Phase offer a solution to provide a cost effective alternative to fixed lease line and ISDN connections utilising unique internet addressing with its associated benefits.

ADSL technologies use your existing telephone connection, using a splitter device to separate your telephone systems from you internet link.

ADSL can offer speeds of upto 2 Mbps downstream and 256 Kpbs upstream, and Phase can also offer businesses a unique internet address, which makes this an ideal solution for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) across the internet, a corporate email server or a web server hosted on your companies premises.

Listed below are the key benefits of ADSL:-
Permanent, Always On Connection,
Greater bandwidth, up to 32 times faster than ISDN,
Massive saving compared to leased line/ISDN equivalent.
Phase can incorporate this new technology with your existing solution. Take a look at our VPN solutions, incorporating ADSL.


Phase have been working closely with VPN manufacturers since the advent of VPN technology to provide a cost effective business solution in this area.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is used to connect remote users or branch offices together, through a public network (such as the internet) using security that was once only available through a local area network connection.

Once the remote computer(s) are connected to the private network, users can access resources on that network as they were directly connected.

The following diagram shows how a branch in London can be connected to a branch in Leeds over the Internet using VPN:

Users in London can connect to resources in Leeds, such as files, printers and application servers using a secure link through the internet. The connection on each side of the internet can be a dialup or a permanent connection.

We can now offer you solutions using ADSL, the new broadband internet technology, to provide ultra highspeed VPN access. Also, we offer high standard construction solutions with Carey London, the best in the UK.

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