IT Services

The commercial worlds need for more technology based solutions is a key driver in ensuring that Phase keep abreast of new and emerging technology.

Phase have built their reputation since 1985 on providing a first class service to its customers. As technology has changed Phase have also changed and have a comprehensive number of IT services available.

Our customers know that whatever the service they currently require, Phase will ensure that they can provide it. We also provide finance via Castle Finance Direct, so you have no excuse.


Phase offer flexible onsite contracts tailored to their customers requirements. Equipment across the breadth of the IT industry, including computer and telephone systems are covered on a fix or swap basis.

Response times not only vary from site to site but can also vary within the same site to reflect ‘mission critical’ equipment such as servers, switches and routers. Some equipment may be on a four hour response whilst non critical equipment may be on an eight hour response.

We have a national presence with Phase employed engineers situated throughout the UK. Whatever brand of equipment you are currently using, Phase are confident that they can supply a maintenance solution to suit you.

Workstations and Servers

  • Compaq
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Toshiba
  • PC Clones


  • Inkjet Printers
  • Bubblejet Printer
  • Laser Printers
  • Colour Laser Printers
  • Band Printers
  • Matrix Printers
  • Monitors
  • Dat Drives
  • DLT Drives


  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • Multiplexes
  • Bridges

Telephones Systems

Alchemy Argent Office

DEC COMPAQ Maintenance

PDP 11/34 PDP 11/44 PDP 11/70 PDP 11/84 PDP 11/94
MicroPDP11/23 MicroPDP11/23+ MicroPDP11/53
MicroPDP11/73 MicroPDP11/83 MicroPDP11/93
VAX 750 VAX 780 VAX 6000 VAX 7000 VAX 8000
MicroVAX 2000 MicroVAX3100 MicroVAX4000 MicroVAX5000
All Alpha Systems
DEC Terminal Server DEC Bridges DEC Routers DEC Hubs
SUN Maintenance

  • Sun Sparc
  • Sun Fire
  • Sun Ray
  • Sun Ultra
  • Sun Blade
  • Sun Enterprise
  • Sun Peripherals

On Site Service

On Site Engineers
Time and Materials
Time Only
Contracts tailored to Customer requirements

For more information please contact Simon Gee
DDI 0044 113281000
Main 0044 1132380558
Mobile 07812196070
or Michael Polkinghorne
DDI 0044 1132810024
Main 0044 1132380558
Mobile 07967212625


From our helpdesk manned by senior hardware and software engineers we offer online telephone and remote dial-in support through the help of best removal company in the UK Simply Removals.

All fault calls are screened and the customer is called back so that a full assessment of the problem can be made. In some instances the problem can be rectified immediately.

Phase can also offer remote dial-in support to the network and with their advanced diagnostic procedures can normally ensure that the customers problem is solved as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising down-time.

Facilities Management

In an increasingly competitive business environment many companies wish to concentrate on their core business. Out-sourcing the necessary IT support enables them to free up resource.

As an option Phase offer facilities management to suit customer needs. Contracts can encompass anything from one day a month to a permanent resource onsite 365 days-a-year.

This service can include both hardware and software support across a whole range of equipment and operating systems.

Web and E-commerce

In what is the highest growth sector of the IT industry, Phase can offer a complete e-commerce solution, from web design through to secure online trading. Furthermore, we can develop ASP solutions linking legacy in-house systems to the web.

Phase can offer striking web designs which may be linked to our full web application solutions. This includes comprehensive web-site management ensuring that your site performs in an ever competitive arena.

Ongoing consultation will ensure that your site benefits from being highly accessible by user searching via the most popular search engines. We can also provide the ability to monitor not only the number of hits, but also the origin of the hits.


Phase offer a comprehensive repair and upgrade service enjoyed by Major OEM , T.P.M. and End Users alike
With a purpose built Repair Centre facility, embracing 7000 square feet of operating space, housing a good selection of test , diagnostic equipment and fully manned by qualified Bench Engineers, Phase completes daily repairs to Whole Units and Piece Parts to support the Computer and EPOS market.

In addition to the standard repair service Phase also build P.C.s to meet specific customer requirements and Major in the supply of DEC Mini Systems, Desktop, EPOS and associated peripherals

E.P.O.S. Systems (whole units or piece parts)

EPOS Hand Held Scanners
EPOS Flatbed Scanners
EPOS Magnetic Swipe Readers
EPOS Customer Displays
EPOS Cash Drawers
EPOS Keyboards
EPOS Touch Screens
EPOS Data Terminals
EPOS Light Pens
EPOS Wands
EPOS Systems
IBM Sure One 4614, IBM 4683, IBM 4694, IBM 4695
Retail Printers ( Impact, Thermal, Dual )
ICL FD20,ICL FD21,ICL 9520,ICL 9535,
IBM Model I, IBM Model II, IBM Model III, IBM Model IV,
IBM 4614,AXIOHM 7156-4205,AXHIOHM 7156-8205,
Epson TMU930,Epson TMU950,Epson TM300,Epson TMT88,
Olivetti PR4,Olivetti ORS551

P.C Systems (whole units and piece parts)

Monitors / Terminals
Power Supply Units / UPS Units
Dat Drives
DLT Drives
Tape Units
Hard Disc Drives
Printers Thermal, Dot Matrix,
Laser, LED, Ink Jet, Line, Label

Supported DEC Products

PDP 11/34 PODP 11/44 PDP11/70 PDP11/84 PDP11/94
VAX 780 and VAX 785
Micro PDP 11/23 PDP 11/23 PDP 11/23+
PDP11/74 PDP11/84 PDP11/9 4
MicroVAX 2-3 and all Micro VAX3100 MicroVax2000 models
VAX4000 VAX6000 VAX8000
Alpha full range
VT Terminals (VDU’s)
Terminal Servers-Routers-Hubs-Bridges


Data Terminal Adaptors
ISDN Cards

Service Levels

Fixed Price Repairs / Individual quotations
Full Refurbishment
Equipment Upgrades
Customer Agreed Turnaround Times
Customer Agreed Warranty Periods
Advance Exchange
Technical Support
Buffer Stock Holding
Spares Supply
Account Management

We have full daily transport facilities and operate our own dedicated courier service for any out of line escalation situation that may occur. Rail and Airport connections can also be utilised to shuttle spares should the need arise.

For more information please contact Kevin Alderson
DDI 0044 1132810003
Mobile 07967 490208
or Samantha Bell
DDI 0044 1132810029
Mobile 07812 582972

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