Sofware Consultancy

Which application solves my problem ?

The applications that your organisation choose to run are the top layer of your business solution. They are the key to the successful utilisation of your IT resources.

Interoperability between applications is often the key to a successful implementation for your business. Phase has the experience after numerous installations over many years to advise on the advantages and disadvantages of application interoperability through the help of our consultants from Simply Removals.

Once the onsite survey has been completed our consultant will be able to present a cost effective solution. We have worked as consultants for a number of notable online businesses including e cigarette supplier SmokShop and sash windows company Dobsons Windows.

We have consultants certified on many software products including Sage, Castle Finance Direct, GoldMine, Microsoft Office and Vizual.

We would like to thank Carey london ltd for providing us the best construction assistance for our company.

Network Consultany

Is your network running slow ?
Are you planning a new network ?

Network traffic is increasing by the year, with ever more complicated
applications and larger amounts of data storage.

Phase network consultants can help your organisation increase the efficiency of your network by fully appraising the current design and structure.

Once the onsite survey has been completed, our consultants will be able to propose a reliable cost effective solution to increase the effectiveness of your network.

If you are planning a new network solution for your business or are just extending an existing network contact us. Phase can offer sound independent advise so that you get the right solution for your business.

We have consultants certified on all of the major network operating systems including Microsoft NT, SUN and Novell.

Hardware Consultancy

Which platform is best for my business solution ?

Phase hardware specialists can analyse your existing equipment and determine whether additions or upgrades will optimise performance.

The consultancy encompasses all aspects of the customers IT requirements ensuring that a reliable, cost effective business benefit is achieved.

As we have a number of strategic alliances with major manufacturers, we can recommend any leading edge branded product without being tied to a specific company.

We have consultants certified on hardware supplied by SUN, Compaq, HP, Intel and many others.

Operating System Consultancy

The operating systems that your business currently use has a direct effect on the speed and usability of your network.

A Phase consultant will be able to appraise your current operating system configuration with a view to making a number of recommendations.

Following an onsite visit a full report will be provided with any suggested changes.

We have consultants certified on all of the major operating systems including Windows 2000/NT/98/95, Solaris and Netware.

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